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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream?

Good evening everybody,

I live in Italy but often shop online and in several UK beauty magazines Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is described as a miraculous cream for skin. I'm not really sure about its efficacy, what do you think? Should I try it? Did it give you the results they promise?

Thank you in advance!Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream?
8 Hour Cream is more of a balm, rather than a cream. It is herbally, it was originally used for Elizabeth Ardens horses, to soften their skin, she found it worked so good, that she released it.

It is used for any dry patches of skin, anywhere on the body, it isnt really for applying everywhere, but I find its good if i have dry skin in the winter to apply a thin layer before bed and let it sink in over night.

It's also good for spots, (brings down the redness) grazes, scratches, dry skin on the lips, slicking down eyebrows, highlighting the brow bone, cheek bones and shoulders. Also very good for cuticles and the nails.

For dry hands, there 8 hour hand cream is amazing, one of the best on the market.

The good thing is, a tube lasts for ages, years even. You only need to use a tiny amount!

I love the product!! Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream?
I would go into a shop which sells it or email the company and ask for a sample first that way you won't be wasting any money if you dont like it. I think you will though, i have heard amazing things about it and all the celebrities use it. I would definitly give it a go but I have oily skin so it wouldn't suit me. Hope this helps :) xxxx
i agree with the first comment, its supposed to be brilliant when u have dry patched of skin or want to add a bit of glow to ur cheeks, eyes, etc

i found it didnt sink into skin, just sat on top so didnt help with dry skin and it looked to greasy and slipped of to use as the latter

save ur money and dont bother, its all a bit of hype

hoewever i do have the 8hr conditioning lip balm in stick form, thats really good, but u dont think its any better than Carmex which is cheaper

oh its also not a cream, i expected a white product which is like a moisturiser but its more like a balm
It's not that brilliant to be honest. Vaseline is cheaper and doesn't have a nasty smell like Eliz Arden.

I think it has been hyped up over the years, so don't waste your money!

Hi everyone, I like to ask if anyone knows where to buy Elizabeth Arden Green Tea sugar scrub. Thank you.?

Try or amazon.comHi everyone, I like to ask if anyone knows where to buy Elizabeth Arden Green Tea sugar scrub. Thank you.?
Sally Beauty Supply is the only place I have seen it.Hi everyone, I like to ask if anyone knows where to buy Elizabeth Arden Green Tea sugar scrub. Thank you.?
I dont know what area of the country your in but I'M in the midwest and use to work at a Dillards department store. They had an Elizabeth Arden counter there and carried the sugar scrub...actually had big jumbo size containers.
go on the internet!

Is Elizabeth Arden foundation good for you?

my mom bought me one, and i want to know if it has antioxidants or w/e, if it stops aging or w/e. an im curious, does it make u get older and get wrinkles. since the time i got that foundation i only applied it 4 times. and they were both twice in a row. but i only used it four times. so tell me everything u know about it?Is Elizabeth Arden foundation good for you?
I would love to help you but I just bought some mascara for the first time with them. Love it but that's all I got for now.Is Elizabeth Arden foundation good for you?
no! it gives me a yellowish look! and it makes my skin greasy and i get bad breakouts when I use it. I always have clear skin unless I use that rotten stuff. if your looking for a good foundation at a reasonable price try covergirl trueblend.
Well tbh no foundation is good for you unfortunately. It dries your skin and it doesn't let your skin breathe. Although all of the research put into investigating make up no ingredients show a chance of causing cancer or re product toxicity. And by law all the make up that is sold in stores are checked by the Food and Drug Administration. But some foundations do contain green tea particles but if they do they usually write it on the bottle. And so far almost no injury's have been discovered due to make up. So your safe.Hope i helped!

Elizabeth arden 8h skin protectant cream?

Elizabeth arden 8h skin protectant cream?

I just bought me that cream afta hearin how wonderful the cream is. I hav supa sensitive skin which goes red and rashy after cleansing. I want to knw if this cream wil help to take away the occasional pimple on the chin and jawline and if it wil help to sooth my red rashy skin afta wash. How many time should u apply the cream. Can u apply it over ur entire face and before u apply foundation. Tips or advice anyone? ThnxElizabeth arden 8h skin protectant cream?
i wouldnt put it over your entire face as its quite greasy use it on the odd spot or dry skin really good for dry lipsElizabeth arden 8h skin protectant cream?
It is very good but it is only for treating the odd spot. I don't think it meant to be applied all over your face. Clarins have a good oil based treatment which can be used all over but just for a short time. If your face is going rashy after cleansing maybe you should stop cleansing for a while and just rinse your face with cold water and then apply EA. I have used EA and found it good.

A project for elizabeth arden.....?

ive got to do an ad campaign for elizabeth arden and have no ideas but its got to communicate these 3 messages: the cult status of the 8 hour cream, the multi perpose, multi benefit aspect of the product, and appeal to a more hip younger generation. if you were to see an ad for this what would it look like?A project for elizabeth arden.....?
Shouldn't this have been posted in the Homework Section?A project for elizabeth arden.....?
and how much do you pay for the idea?
Bright, informative, visually eye catching and not too busy.
Focus on the bits it treats - so big pic of lips, big pic of eyebrows, big pic of soft hands, big pic of glossy lips. Research the product - know what people use it for, think of other things they could use it for, then just big images, as people will have to be stopped to look and informative text to run with it
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  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream,?

    what makes this cream so great????

    Is it worth buying?Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream,?
    I don't know what makes it so great LOL but I know my mom and my sister use it and LOVE LOVE It , like before they run out. they already have a backup !! LOL crazy i know but they love it and have great skin., I personally love MAC Skin careElizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream,?
    Im glad you have asked this question as i would like to know the answer too!

    Every magazine always says how brilliant it is, personally i wouldnt spend that much on a cream! but apparently all the celebritys love it
    My wife doesn't get the hype on this one either, she wanted to try some. I bought her some as a treat. She found it claggy, like vaseline and treacle mixed and she said it stinks, I had a whiff and to be honest it smells like old cheese so I have joined the Mrs in the ';don't know what all the fuss is about';, camp! It's bloody expensive too!!
    I tried a sample of it, i think it's no different to vaseline %26amp; does the same job excpet it's more glamourous %26amp; has nicer packaing... just as vaseline comes handy for so many make-up applications, this does too but make-up artists/models don't like to use vaseline becos they can afford a more expensive version!!!
    its good for skin blemishes, dry skin or chapped lips. It does work but is quite expensive but last for ever as you only require a tiny amount.
    It's fab for dry lips or as a gloss, great as an intensive moisturiser, can be used to keep eyebrows in shape ( only use a really tiny amount!) a shine over your eyelids...or on your hands and nails. It lasts for ever as you only need to use a tiny amount. It's a kind of beauty jack of all trades. Worth buying I think.
    This is very, very good skin cream but its really designed for older skin, say fifty plus. Yes, its rich and will make your skin soft, but it is inclined to be greasy and I dont think it is really suitable for anyone under that age group. I recommend Garnier, they make a HUGE range of skincare products and I use one of those. They are reasonably priced and as long as you use every day and you choose the right type for your skin, you should be pleased with the results.

    But remember no cream is a miracle, it lasts as long as it stays on your face - leave it off for a few days and you will notice you are losing what you've gained, keep this in mind when choosing a cream, as well as the price of it, because once you start, you will want to carry on!
    It's a really good all rounder, so if you are going on hols it's perfect as you can save space by taking this which you can use as a face mask on the flight to stop your skin getting dehydrated, a gloss for your eyelids, smooth onto your eyelashes at night to make them thick and lustrous in the morning, a lip balm / gloss, to smooth the dry skin on your knees and elbows, hilight your cheekbones by rubbing a bit at the top, cuticle moisturiser to keep your nails happy. Brilliant!
    I brought it but to be honest i hardly ever use it. Its meant to be brilliant at healing skin conditions so i brought it because everyone raves about it. At the time it was winter so my dry skin was causing a bit of a problem again so i used it on my chapped lips and dry skin but it didn't really help my lips and it felt greasy on my skin. Plus my boyfriend wouldn't ever kiss me when I put it on my lips cos he said the stuff tasted like pepper! Lol. Seriously, people say it has all these uses and is really versatile but so is vaseline and Savlon skin healing cream! Its definitely not worth 18 pounds. Hope I've helped. x
    I'll let you know in 7 hours time!!
    ive tried it and to tell you the truth i wasnt impressed

    Elizabeth arden skincare range??

    any1 think much of it?

    am thinkin of tryin the 2 in 1 face cleanser!!Elizabeth arden skincare range??
    One of the best. try it.

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